What our parents say…

“We are superbly happy with the school overall.” “I can feel you’re on it and striving for the best.”

Thank you to all parents who responded to the survey issued in May 2022. With an amazing 79% of families having completed it, we can use the data to support the forward planning of the school. Your feedback is invaluable.

We are really pleased that 100% of parents this year would recommend Deer Park School, an increase of 4% from 2016, and that 98% of parents are satisfied with the management and leadership of the school. The parent community are very satisfied with school life at Deer Park School, with the majority of parents describing the school as a welcoming and caring environment with high standards and clear values.

There is a very clear sense of what most parents regard as the primary strengths of the school. The most common responses were:

  • Excellent range of extra-curricular activities despite being on small temporary site
  • The emphasis on nurturing pupils and the excellent pastoral care
  • The high standards of behaviour by all children as well as being polite and self-confident
  • An engaging and creative curriculum which challenges the pupils
  • High quality staff and strong leadership team who are professional and approachable
  • The H E A R T values and strong ethos of the school.

We love the school and leadership team are fantastic.

The following table lists the questions which achieved the highest percentage of respondents who chose either Strongly Agree or Agree.

Question                                                                                  % who strongly agree or agree

My child enjoys coming to school                                                                                             94%

The school develops my child’s independence and responsibility                                     99%

The school’s values and attitudes have a positive impact on my child                              94%

The school is welcoming and secure                                                                                         97%

Children have opportunities to develop socially and emotionally                                     97%


Deer Park is a dynamic, forward thinking school. It’s like buying a house, you just get a positive feeling when you’re there. It also has such a strong and supportive parent and PTA community who want to see the children thrive and enjoy learning.