Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists enable children and young people with physical, learning and mental health needs to participate in and successfully manage the activities that they want or need to do at home, at school and during their free time. They have the skills and expertise to identify the personal, task and environmental factors that support or inhibit children’s development, participation and achievement.

Sometimes it is deemed that external support is necessary from an occupational therapist. Should this be the case for your child, we will discuss any referrals with families in the first instance and gain full consent before proceeding with the referral. Our occupational therapist comes into the school at structured times over the course of the academic year and supports the school with strategies to deliver to identified children.

Some of our children have OT timetabled into their day to support them with their activities and learning. They use the resources available to work on areas such as gross motor, fine motor, core strength, coordination, sensory support and more.

Richmond Occupational Therapy offer some fantastic resources and advice for families. Find out more about occupational therapy in Richmond.