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Governance for Deer Park School

Deer Park School is overseen by a Local Governing Body (LGB) which has a strong focus on three strategic functions:

  • Ensuring the school is governed following the Trust & school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher and senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school, ensuring value for money is achieved.

These functions have been delegated to the LGB by the Bellevue Place Education Trust, which is the maintaining authority for the school.  Visit the BPET website for information on BPET’s governance structure and how this links with Deer Park School.

Free Schools are schools funded by the government with the freedom to govern independently – but all are accountable to the Secretary of State for Education. To share resources and best practice, Deer Park benefits from the Trust – a network of schools under one legal body.

BPET responsibilities are set out in the two following documents that are contracts between BPET and Secretary of State for Education:

  • Master Funding Agreement – a contract with BPET, as a multi academy sponsor
  • Supplementary Funding Agreement– a sub contract of the above for Deer Park School

The delegation for Deer Park School is set out in the BPET Scheme of Delegation.  To support BPET Governors, all are provided with a Governance Handbook that set out the terms of reference, structure along with a code of conduct for BPET governors.

This means that Deer Park School governors are able to concentrate on the things that really matter – educational strategy, school outcomes and aspiration.

Deer Park’s LGB is made up with the following appointments:

    • Five community governors appointed by BPET, which usually includes the Chair – these are governors with a local connection or interest who are committed to supporting educational opportunity in the area.
    • Two staff governors – an elected staff member and the Headteacher (as an ex-officio appointment)
    • Two parent governors

A governor’s term of office is 4 years and no governor will be expected to serve more than two terms.

The LGB meets at least four times a year. To support the role of the LGB, Deer Park School has established two sub-committees – Resources and Performance & Curriculum.

All governors are required to complete a Declaration of pecuniary and personal interest every academic year.  For 2017/18 declarations, click here.

Current Governors

Claire Delaney – Trust Representative (Chair, effective from 29.03.17)

James Boyle – Parent Governor (Vice-Chair, effective from 29.03.17)

Henry Giles – Community Governor – Headteacher’s Performance Review & Target Setting

Nick Hodgess – Community Governor – SEN and Inclusion

Alison Colenso – Headteacher

Chris Gallant – Parent Governor

Frances Bracegirdle – Staff Governor

The clerk to the LGB is Beryl Hawkins

To contact any of our governors please email governors@deerparkschool.org.uk

Governor Appointment and Attendance Record

All schools are required to publish each governors appointment date, type of governor, term of office and attendance record.

Below is a table of the Deer Park governors and their attendance record for 2017/18.

GovernorsTypeDate appointed/resignedMeetings attendedOut of a total of expected
Claire DelaneyChair of Governors1 Sept 15 - present33
James BoyleParent (Elected)14 Oct 15 – present33
Graham DearmanCommunity 1 Sept 15 - 13 Feb 1802
Henry GilesCommunity1 Sept 15 - present13
Nick HodgessCommunity1 Sept 15 - present23
Alison ColensoStaff (ex-officio)1 Sept 15 - present33
Chris GallantParent (Appointed)11 Oct 16 - present33
Frances BracegirdleStaff1 Sept 16 - present33


Below is a table of the Deer Park governors and their attendance record for 2016/17.

GovernorsTypeDate appointed/resignedMeetings attendedOut of a total of expected
Graham DearmanCommunity1 Sept 15 - present35
Henry GilesCommunity1 Sept 15 - present55
Nick HodgessCommunity1 Sept 15 - present78
Claire DelaneyChair of Governors1 Sept 15 - present34
Alison ColensoStaff (ex-officio)1 Sept 15 - present88
Frances BracegirdleStaff1 Sept 16 - present66
Chris GallantParent (Appointed)11 Oct 16 - present67
James BoyleParent (Elected)14 Oct 15 – present67


Approved governing body meeting minutes are available here.


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