Physical Education (PE)

We are proud to offer an exciting PE curriculum at Deer Park which includes activities such as Swimming, Welly Walks and Touch Rugby!

Welly Walks

Welly Walks are now an embedded part of the school curriculum—initially resulting from our efforts to mitigate the lack of outdoor space on site—we now feel privileged to have such extensive green spaces within a hands throw of our front door. The children continued to enjoy a well-balanced experience and cross-curricular experience—in all weathers! The children continue to learn so much from this experience and it is often these walks that provide the inspiration for more focused writing and learning back in the classroom.

‘Daily Mile’

As part of our healthy schools programme at Deer Park, we have continued with the ‘Daily Mile’ scheme. Due to our lack of space at the school we have very successfully adapted this to suit us. Instead of doing a mile every day we have decided to incorporate our mile into our welly walks and complete it weekly rather than daily. The children have had so much fun and we have seen a great difference in the
children’s learning as a result. This has also been a great opportunity for both classes to interact with each other and I have been very impressed with the determination and resilience of the children who constantly want to improve. We will continue to do this into next year and we look forward to eventually being able to complete the mile every day!

Sports Day

Last year, Deer Park School held its very first sports day event which was a huge success with both parents and children taking part.
This year we decided to mix up the children from both classes and split them into 6 groups to complete our sports day events. The children took part in 6 different events and during the afternoon they needed to work hard in their teams as there was only 1 winning team per event! I was amazed at how well the different year groups worked together and cheered each other on during every event!

The children had practised for weeks before and it showed when they all took part in the different activities. We also wanted to make sure that the children understood the importance of being part of a team and showing support to others. As a result we had a very special trophy that was given as a ‘Sportsman ship Award’ to one child that we thought really showed those qualities and we will continue to have this
award for future sports days at our school. Both children and parents really enjoyed this day and we appreciate all the support we received.

PE Lessons

The pupils have shown a huge improvement over the year during their PE lessons. PE at Deer Park is not only about learning sports and games but also other areas of development and understanding. For example the children in Fawn class are now all able to change themselves into their PE kit only needing help with top buttons and ties! It has been great to see children helping each other with
their uniform and showing excellent teamwork! We are extremely proud of the children’s determination to get better and they are always looking to change quicker and beat their time (and get a sticker of course!).

Also during our PE lessons we talk about our bodies and the effect exercise has on them, for example after warm up we feel our hearts and talk about the difference from when we were sitting down resting. It is extremely important to us at Deer Park that the children know how to notice change in the way their bodies feel during exercise and how to look after their own bodies by eating healthily and taking part in PE. We have also created a big display in our lunch room all about our body and how it works which the children have filled up with ‘did you know…’ facts!

The children have impressed us so much with the way they approach all challenges during PE and their determination to improve!
The children have thoroughly enjoyed going swimming this year- all of the children that participated have made excellent progress. Fawn class have enjoyed their first year of swimming and have all done fantastically well. Roe class have continued making great progress in the pool, so much so that we are in the process of planning our very first sports fixture in the form of a swimming gala.