Vision & Values


At Deer Park School we aim to instil a life-long love of learning through our HEART values embedded in our curriculum to ensure all our pupils become valuable members of society that we are proud of.


Deer Park School is a small, diverse community on the outskirts of London. Our curriculum is built from an understanding of this context with the consensus of the school’s staff, the school community and the pupils but will always evolve to reflect our school community as we grow.

Our ambitious curriculum is everything that happens from Breakfast Club through to Evening Owls and everything in between including trips and visitor for all pupils, including those with special educational needs which includes learning differences, health and physical differences, whilst at school.


This curriculum balances the development of independence and resilience with the need for support and nurturing. Thus preparing thoughtful pupils for an enthusiastic life-long love of learning that comes from the child’s own happiness and desire to learn. Therefore, our pupils will achieve academically, economically and socially.

Deer Park School has five values which are part of our whole school culture. HEART values is the acronym that spells out our school values. Happiness, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Resilience and Thoughtfulness. They are at the HEART of all we do at Deer Park School. They are deeply embedded within all areas of school life, including our curriculum and behaviour for learning.






Curriculum Overview

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