Start of Spring 2 Building Update

Start of Spring 2 update

Dear parents and friends of Deer Park School,

Following the excellent news we received just before half term that the planning permission was accepted for our new site at Ryde House, East Twickenham, below is a progress update.

Through our continued close relationship with Lidl, we have been informed of an outline estimate for when we can expect the demolition of the existing site and construction of the new building to begin.

Firstly, we must ensure that we meet the 18 pages of conditions that were set by the Planning Committee on acceptance of the application, with a half a dozen or so that impact on demolition. Inevitably this will take some time so please be reassured that Lidl are hard working on this.

Following this, the demolition of the existing building will take approximately 10 weeks. We expect this to start mid April and should be finished by mid/late June. Once the demolition is complete, the construction of the building can begin!

We will continue to keep you informed with any news about the progress of the building and hope you remain as excited as we are. We will be creating a specific page on the school website, which will have updates and pictures of the build as it happens, as well as posts on social media of course!

Best wishes,

Alison Colenso

Head Teacher