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Deer Park School has announced our plans for the permanent site to be at Ryde House on Richmond Road in East Twickenham / St. Margaret’s area of Richmond.

The Bellevue Place Education Trust, who are responsible for the running of the school, had originally applied for the permanent site to be in the East Twickenham / St. Margaret’s area as its preferred location. This is the area that has always been identified as having the highest demand for new school places.

The planning application for this new site has been submitted, which has been validated by Richmond Planning Authority.  All interested parties can offer their view for the application and learn more about it by clicking here and parents are strongly encouraged to support the application.  It is anticipated that Richmond Planning Committee will consider the application at their meeting on 25th January 2017 and more details will be provided ahead of this.

The map below shows the current temporary location of the school and the proposed new permanent location at Ryde House (click to enlarge the image)

Map of Ryde House - Permanent site for Deer Park School







A virtual tour has been created of the new site which we will also house a new Lidl supermarket. Click on the link below to view.

On announcing the confirmation that Deer Park School will be situated at Ryde House, in East Twickenham / St. Margaret’s area of Richmond, the following comments were published:

The Chair of the Trustees at Bellevue Place Education Trust, Claire Delaney stated “We are delighted to announce to parents and the local community that we can follow through on our original promise to offer new high-quality primary school places where they are most needed – in the East Twickenham and St. Margaret’s area of Richmond. We do hope that parents who were anticipating the school to be at London House will continue to consider Deer Park School as their school of choice.”

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames has been supportive. Cllr Paul Hodgins, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “Finding a site for a new school in East Twickenham and St Margaret’s has been our single biggest challenge in implementing our school place planning strategy. As for most new schools now across London, this site has its challenges. We always agreed that London House wasn’t an ideal location. I am sure that residents around that site will be pleased.

“I am fully confident that Deer Park School will be an excellent school on this site. It has been an extremely painful and drawn out process, and it has been frustrating that we have not been able to say more throughout the process. “But we have persisted, and I am delighted that, subject to an agreed lease and planning permission, we finally have agreement for a new school in East Twickenham and St. Margaret’s.”

Prospective parents who did not state Deer Park among their initial preferences and who now wish to make a preference for it, are advised to contact the Richmond School Admissions team as soon as possible. Similarly, parents who made a preference for the school but who, because of the school’s site move, no longer wish to hold that preference should contact the School Admissions Team within those timescales too.

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